InstaEyebrows™ Tattoo
InstaEyebrows™ Tattoo
InstaEyebrows™ Tattoo
InstaEyebrows™ Tattoo
InstaEyebrows™ Tattoo
InstaEyebrows™ Tattoo
InstaEyebrows™ Tattoo
InstaEyebrows™ Tattoo
InstaEyebrows™ Tattoo

InstaEyebrows™ Tattoo

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InstaEyebrows Tattoo

Filling & contouring your brows is definitely an ANNOYING daily makeup routine...Sometimes even make your brows asymmetrical. Now create MOST NATURAL, FULL BROWS in a second with our 4D Stick-on Eyebrows!

✅ 4D instant eyebrows
✅ Painless & affordable
✅ Save $$$ from microblading
✅ Long lasting & waterproof
✅ 8 different brow styles
✅ Easy to apply and remove

Natural and Full

Perfectly solve problem of sparse or light brows as these stick-on brows seamlessly blend with your own brows, so no one discovers your little secret!

Long-lasting Looks

These brows are water-based brow stickers - simply dip water & stick to wear instantly to create 4D & hair-like brow strands with desirable brow shape. No professional makeup skill is required! And once it sticks, it becomes waterproof, smudge-proof with long lasting result up to 7 days!

Apply Directly on Top

NO NEED SHAVE OFF! Simply apply directly on top of your eyebrows. Perfectly solve problem of sparse or light brows as these stick-on brows seamlessly blend with your own brows, so no one discovers your little secret!



Package Includes:

  • Single Pack (10 Sets of InstaEyebrows™)
  • Dual Pack (20 Sets of InstaEyebrows™)

Our Guarantee:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 248 reviews
Maggie Flrio
Amazing! Will be ordering more 🙌

I rarely ever review products, especially ones I’ve purchased through Facebook... but, these are amazing. I have bald patches and struggle with keeping my brows looking luscious. These don’t even have a shine to them like other temporary tattoos. They are easy and fast to apply. They look natural! I will definitely be ordering more soon.

Ella Macgregor
I love it 🥰

Finally arrived. Thank you. I love it 🥰

Laura D'Costa

I was sceptical to be honest, but I’m delighted with the results. I have practically no eyebrows and have to use an eyebrow pencil. Finally a product that looks so natural no one would guess that they’re not my own.

Esperanza Hernandez

I didn't know how to apply them at first but got it on the 3rd try. I have no eyebrows at all and have to draw them on everyday. Now I won't have to thank you for making these so easy to use. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


I have no brows due to multiple autoimmune disorders. I spend about 10 minutes daily drawing them on, but NOT anymore thanks to Insta brow! 🥰 Thank you! 😉