InstaEyebrows™ Microblading Pen
InstaEyebrows™ Microblading Pen
InstaEyebrows™ Microblading Pen
InstaEyebrows™ Microblading Pen
InstaEyebrows™ Microblading Pen
InstaEyebrows™ Microblading Pen
InstaEyebrows™ Microblading Pen

InstaEyebrows™ Microblading Pen

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Microblading Pen

InstaEyebrows Microblading Pen is an easy-to-use eyebrow pen. It helps you to draw 3D real natural eyebrow in seconds! It comes with the 4-Tip design making the stroke like your real hair.

✅ Natural hair-like strokes
✅ Painless & affordable
✅ Save $$$ from microblading
✅ Long lasting & waterproof
✅ No smudging & fading
✅ Easy to apply and remove

Create realistic looking and fuller arches using InstaEyebrows Microblading Pen. Looking extra fleek is made easier, now that you can draw hair-like strokes in just seconds!

Enhance the brows by filling in the gaps for a perfectly defined look. It's like getting a micro-blade without the pain!

4 Micro-Fort Tip

Mimics the look and texture of a natural eyebrow shape like the micro-blading tattoo, making the brows look natural and organic.

Natural Looking

The unique design has a soft and lightweight feel and a matte finish for a full natural looking brow!

Long Lasting & Waterproof

InstaEyebrows Microblading Pen has a 24-hour long-lasting ink formula! It lasts all day without smudging or fading through sweat, rain, and even water sports!

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How To Use:

  1. Start with clean brows
  2. Align micro-thin tip across brow
  3. Create hair like lines starting at brow base
  4. Fill in sparse areas hair by hair
  5. Shape the tail

    Package Includes:

    • Single Pack (1 x InstaEyebrows™ Microblading Pen)
    • Dual Pack (2 x InstaEyebrows™ Microblading Pen)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 149 reviews
    Denise Sloka
    Nice hair like strokes!!

    This color is a little darker than I expected, and I applied it way to heavy the first use but this second time they turned out pretty good. I’m impressed! I love the little mini hair like strokes it makes. I’m not sure how long it will last.
    Definitely worth the purchase so far!

    Alysa Smith
    Reddish Brown Great for Redheads!

    It’s hard to find any brow products for redheads. I’ve been dying to try one of these “tattoo markers” but never see a auburn or red color. Decided to try this “Reddish Brown” pen. It’s perfect! Not orange, but a reddish brown. Perfect for red or auburn hair! Doesn’t smudge, good longevity so far!

    Jess Wong
    Great brow pen with real brow stroke look

    I love that this Brow pen gives the real brow stroke look. Definitely better than others I have tried. This product is easy to use and works great. Long lasting and doesn't smudge. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for a microbladed brow stroke look.

    Kyra Santiao
    Easy to use, love it!

    I purchased this product a few days ago, I was excited to use it. I first applied too much because I thought it wasn't coming out. So I washed it off and tried again. The second time was perfect. Light and steady stokes equal full beautiful brows!

    Bernice Ada
    The micro-tip looks amazing!!

    Absolutely love this product, and would definitely recommend purchasing it and giving it a try! The “microblading” eyebrow pen works really well, and in a few different ways. As you can see it’s got 4 “blades” they’re made of a felt/velvet material, so they are really soft! Mark over lightly for thinner strokes, and add a little pressure to create thicker strokes. Depending on how the pen is angled, you can even get different sized *single* strokes! It does not run off easily, and even leaves a light stain, so you could remove the product and leave the stain for a lighter/ more natural look!