When will I get my InstaEyebrows order? I'm excited! 

Hey babe we work at our fastest to get InstaEyebrows to your door! ;)
On average, we process all the orders within 2-3 business days then shipping timeframe can take anywhere between 6-12 business days (country dependent).

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, shipping timeframes are delayed.  We do apologize in advance but unfortunately we cannot control the current global health crisis. We appreciate all of your patience as your InstaEyebrows order makes its way to you! 

For all other shipping related inquiries, please visit our shipping page

Will you be expanding the line of tattoo InstaEyebrows to include more colour? 

At this time we offer charcoal black or brown in our collection. We do plan on carrying additional colours as our brand expands, so please like our Facebook page to stay up to date on our latest product launches :) 

Alternatively, if you can't wait.... we have a solution for you! Upon application of your new InstaEyebrows, add a bit of powder to tint / lighten the brows to the suitable colour / shade for you! 

How do you apply the tattoo InstaEyebrows? 

Watch our application video:

What is the length of the tattoo InstaEyebrows? 

Longest length for brown colour is 56mm in length.
Longest length for charcoal black colour
 is 55mm in length. 
*Note that each sheet has a variety of lengths (short - long) to ensure that there is a right length just for you! 

Okay I'm done with the do I remove them? 

Depending on what you have available in the comfort of your home, there are several methods you can engage in to remove your InstaEyebrows (tattoo and pen).

Oil makeup remover is our fave option but if you don't have oil makeup remover readily handy, a hint of olive or avocado oil on your cotton pad should do the trick ;)  

Do I need to shave off my eyebrows to use the tattoo InstaEyebrows? 

Not at all!! Just apply the tattoo InstaEyebrows directly onto your natural brow and let them do their trick. As everyone's brows are different in length and thickness, brows may turn out differently for different individuals. 

How long will my InstaEyebrows last? 

Typically a fresh set of tattoo InstaEyebrows can last up to five days and pen InstaEyebrows can last up to 48 hours depending on your care of them. If you are extra sporty and engage in activities that require you to wash your face more often or swim a lot because you're a cool mermaid/merman the InstaEyebrows may fade sooner than one week. Good thing is... each set comes with 10 sets... so if they do fade after a lap around the pool, you can instantly apply/shade in a new set to get your brows looking fleek again in no time ;)

Will my InstaEyebrows come off in the shower or after I wash my face? 

Both the tattoo and pen InstaEyebrows are waterproof! The tattoo InstaEyebrows are designed to withstand a bit more water contact so keeping up with your daily beauty routine will not be a problem. Keep cleansing and hydrating that beautiful face of yours! ;) Of course, the more water contact you engage in, the sooner the InstaEyebrows will fade.